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Hello family and friends!

I think it’s safe to say that this has been the best year of both of our lives! We were married in the Salt Lake temple this March and are so grateful we could see many family and friends at our wedding ceremony, as well as at our receptions in Utah and Arizona. Thank you everyone for your kindness, love, and support. We appreciate that and are grateful for you.

In addition to getting married, we’ve also had an eventful rest of the year! We moved into our first apartment together – we live in a small, but cozy and well-decorated apartment in the Crown Point neighborhood of Pacific Beach. We are fortunate to live a short bike ride away from Mission Bay, which we enjoy quite a bit. We’ve also been fortunate to make a lot of good friends in the area and have enjoyed our time in the San Diego 7th Ward so far! We’re currently serving in the Nursery, which has been a great experience!

Another big highlight of the year was when Alexis graduated from college! Alexis finished up at San Diego State University, where she majored in Marketing. All of our parents came in town for that, which was very nice. Keep your eyes open for big things around the corner from Alexis!

Brad has continued working the same job and is now in his final year of the 4-year Research Associate program at Brandes Investment Partners. His exciting news is that he has been accepted into a couple different MBA programs now, which we’re excited about! We won’t know for sure for another month or two where we’ll be going next, but it’s currently looking like it will be Chicago. New York and the Bay Area may also be in the running, but we’ll have to wait to find out for those.

We’ve also been fortunate to go on a few trips this year! We went on our honeymoon, a “second honeymoon,” and various trips to spend time with our family. We’ve also had the pleasure of having all of our immediate family come to visit us in San Diego at some point or another this year, as well as a lot of extended family and other friends. To anyone who hasn’t visited, come visit! To everyone who has, come again!

The final, and most important thing, for us this year is that we’ve come closer as a new family, both to each other and to our Heavenly Father. We love Christmastime for many reasons. The most important of these for us is the opportunity we have to think about our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are incredibly grateful for Him and the many blessings our faith has brought to our lives. We would like to share our testimony of Christ, of the Book of Mormon, which testifies of Him, and of the love God has for us. If anyone is curious and wants to learn more about that, please reach out to us or visit can i buy synthroid at gnc!

We wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alexis and Bradley McMullin






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Surprise Birthday trip to RiSE Lantern Festival

This is a VERY late post… but better late than never! Brad knew a lantern festival had been on my bucket list and he was sneaky and surprised me for my birthday with tickets to buy synthroid generic, which is in the Mojave Desert.

First, let me tell you that this festival was amazing. If you live on the West Coast and are dying to go to a lantern festival, I would recommend going to buy non generic synthroid. On the way to the festival, we took a day to explore the Valley of Fire which was 20 minutes east of the festival grounds. For all my Utah friends and family who make the drive to Vegas or California often, the Valley of Fire is only 20 min off the freeway and is a really cool place to check out!!

Here is a little video I made from our experience at RiSE!





































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our first christmas tree- how to make popcorn garland

We had the most fun time picking out and decorating our first family Christmas tree. We wanted to save some money, so we decided to not buy ornaments and instead string popcorn and cranberries. We both had never done this before, so it was a learning experience and if you follow these tips it is really is quite simple and fun!



  • What you need:
    • Popcorn, cranberries, fishing line and a needle
  • Use stale popcorn or the popcorn will crumble. I popped the corn the night before and left it in the fridge to accelerate the process.
  • Try to only use the harder cranberries because the soft ones are somewhat messy and might stain the popcorn.
  • Have your popcorn garland be no longer than 4- 5 ft. If you do it too long, it can get tangled easily.
  • Always start with a cranberry and end with popcorn.
  • Don’t use burnt popcorn because then your living room will smell like burnt popcorn all month long.



Note: Clearly we had not strung the popcorn yet lol!




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Anyone who knows my husband personally knows he has a heart of gold and cringes at the thought of turning down an opportunity to love and serve others. Bradley and I were friends for almost 2 years before we began dating. I remember watching him emulate Christ’s ability to serve others in our church ward. I was not the only one who noticed his desire to serve others; people were always talking about his Christ like demeanor and I would often hear people talk about the “light” that he seemed to have upon him. While we were dating, I told Brad that he had a light about him. He humbly replied with thanks and went on to say that others have also told him this. 

Christ is often called “the light of the world.”I believe the “light” Bradley possesses comes from his desire and ability to serve God’s children and be more Christ like. So Essentially Brad’s light is the light of Christ, which I think is pretty cool!

So how can each of us get this same light? We find a ray of hope in Matthew 5:14; when Jesus is preaching the Sermon on the Mount he says, “Ye are the light of the world.” Here we have Christ telling us that WE are the light of the world, meaning this light is available to everyone. I believe we all can obtain the light of Christ by following in His footsteps through serving others. 

During the holidays we see dazzling lights span across our cities, buildings, parks and homes. This holiday season, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put out an initiative to “LIGHT the WORLD,” which I interpret as filling the people of the world with the light of Christ. The how to order synthroid online initiative is inviting everyone around the world to participate in at least one act of service for 25 days. It starts on National Service Day, December 1st, and goes until Christmas Day!

I would like to share the Light the World and 25 days of service initiative to all my friends and family and invite you to do it with us. Bradley and I started our own#LIGHTtheWORLD 25 day experience by watching a 2 minute inspirational where to order synthroid that showed ways He served people during His life. Next, we printed a synthroid purchase canada from the web. Finally, we brainstormed service ideas for the 25 days and wrote them into our calendar. You can also get daily service ideas from this link:

where to purchase synthroid

We hope our friends and family will become inspired by those they know who radiate the light of Christ and by Christ himself and act on this invitation. I know it will make the world a more peaceful and loving place.  


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