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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, dressing up and Mary Poppins so I was really excited for this years costumes.  A lot of the stuff we already had at home, then we bought Brad’s whole outfit from Goodwill and I made his chimney sweep with a black broom, black spray paint, styrofoam ball half and a hot glue gun.

For my outfit, I already had the skirt, tights, purse and shoes. I found a top similar to Mary Poppins’ at ZARA, and got the bow tie, umbrella and plain black hat from Amazon- then I hot glued the daisies and berries on the hat! After we were all dressed, I was pretty surprised how well they turned out. We even won some movie tickets from our church’s halloween party!


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Marrakech, Morocco!!

The second we landed in Morocco, Brad and I both said to each other, “this is my kind of travel.” We could tell the culture was totally different than anything we are used to at all. We stayed in a Riad in the middle of the old town, which is inside the city walls. Our driver told us inside the walls, you experience the “real Morocco.”  In there, cars are rarely spotted, but are replaced by donkeys pulling carts, there are no large stores, only small markets, and it was very hard to find a shop that sold cold water bottles – that was a struggle for me lol.

Highlights of the city, for me, were the amazing tiles and and beautifully designed mosques. Also, all the doors here are stunning! Brad will tell more about the details of places we stayed and things we did at the end of the post!



This is at the Bahia Palace!











The Bahia Palace is huge! All the photos so far have been from there, including this one.


We took a tour to the Atlas Mountains and a Berber village – it was a small village on the side of the mountain!


If you ever need a good rug for a great price, go to Morocco! They have thousands of them 🙂



We went to a Berber village on the skirts of the Atlas Mountains and learned how to make Moroccan Oil. That’s right ladies, that stuff you by for 60 a bottle!





Atlas Mountains! What we thought was a little hike turned into an 6 mile hike, which we did in flip flops and Sperrys!




I went chasing waterfalls.. but only for the guy underneath it!




This was our Riad, which is a traditional Moroccan hotel. They all have these pools in the center for cooling off!



Hot air balloon over the desert!!!









Jardin Majorelle gardens which are outside the city walls!


Amazing doors!!





Koutoubia Mosque!


After walking 30+ miles in my J. Crew flip flops I finally got a nasty blister on one foot! Since we still had a lot to see and were not close to our riad, Brad switched me shoes for the time being lol!!




This is at the La Mamounia hotel which is an amazing 5 star hotel in Marrkech! We didn’t stay here, but did go visit!





I could live in this room!!


These are the Souks which are the small markets.






Tiny baby turtles!!


These are all in Jemaa el-Fnaa, which is the name of the square!







Museum of Marrakech





Brad’s Take

Marrakech is awesome! We loved it! If you go visit, here are a few tips:

  1. Download the Marrakech Riads app — it has a list of things to see, recommended day trips, and, most importantly, a map that updates on iPhones even if you’re on airplane mode! It’s tricky to find your way around the walled city, so this is super helpful!
  2. Stay within the walled city! That’s the “real Morocco” and is what you want to experience! It’s pretty crazy in there, so be prepared!
  3. Watch out for scammers — people will try to rip you off all the time there. Most people are nice, but if anyone wants to give you directions, just tell them “no” and walk away. They will try to charge you for it. Also, make sure to have taxi drivers use their meters. They will try to rip you off also! But if you go into bargaining / transactions with skepticism, you’ll do just fine!
  4. Drink some fresh orange juice! Marrakech is famous for that and it’s really good! The local food is also really delicious. It’s unlike anything else we’ve ever had and is really great.
  5. The airport is tiny and the city really isn’t that big. It’s really easy to get from the airport to wherever via taxi, and, as long as you make sure they use the meter, it’s really, really cheap. This is definitely a great place to go on a budget! All the museums are like $2-3 a person, meals are similarly cheaply priced, and taxis will cost you like $2 for a ride that would cost $20 in the US or Europe. Riads are also pretty cheap too. Enjoy!!!!!
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As a child I dreamed of going to Barcelona because my dad traveled there a ton for business and it was his favorite city in the world. He would would being home fun gifts and show us pictures of all the cool buildings and architecture. So when Brad told me Barcelona was a city we could get to with points, I jumped for joy! We loved it there. I am a big fan of ALL of Antoni Gaudí’s work, and I especially love his use of natural light in his buildings. I try to keep our home in San Diego as bright as possible and love having our windows open at all times. So I really loved the creativity he used to bring light into his buildings; most of the cool buildings from these photos are his.

Our travel details for Barcelona are at the end of the post!


Casa Milà, one of Gaudi’s buildings!







Casa Batllo, another of his buildings!


We took a really cool tour through Gaudí’s Casa Batlló. They gave us tablets that combined augmented reality and virtual components so we could be in a room and then look at the tablet and see what the room looked like when it was fully furnished. It was really cool!!




Isn’t this a crazy cool building??







I love all the natural light!!


And more gelato! The best part about going on vacation is the guilt free ice cream 🙂


Sagrada Família is Roman Catholic church that as been under construction for 134 years!!! Gaudi is the mastermind behind it, of course!


I couldn’t not believe my eyes once inside. It is unlike any building, church, or place I have ever been too! It really was super amazing and mind blowing! Pictures just cannot do this building justice.


Brad and I realized the whole church is like a giant tree. There are carved leaves all around it and near the top of the building there are these baskets of fruit, oranges, beans, wheat, strawberries, and grapes. Pretty neat!


Park Güell is a park that Gaudi helped design. It is full of gardens and beautiful architecture. It is on Carmel Hill!


Park Güell




This is in the Gothic Quarter of the City!!



I am a bit of a macaroon lover so when i saw there was a macaroon ice cream sandwich, I was all on it!! It was amazing! Someone in San Diego needs to opened up a shop selling these because they are amazing, and would kill it here!!


Madrid’s airport might be my favorite in the world! Those green pillars are all different colors of the rainbow lol!!


This is the Caixa Forum Madrid, which is a museum. I told Brad that if for some reason we live in a city when we are older and can’t have a yard, I’ll take this on the side of the building instead 😉


Brad and a little metal man


Caixa Forum’s stairs were a wonder themselves!


When I went to South Africa 7 years ago, I tried this Dannon cereal flavored yogurt and fell in love with it. You have to try it! Every time I travel, I look for this flavor. Every country I have been to has had it except for…. The United States!! It this craziest thing! So if you know where to get it, let me know 🙂


Madrid LDS temple!




Brad’s Take

Spain is a place I would love to go again. These are very different cities and I’m happy we got a flavor of two different parts of Spain while there!

Barcelona Tips:

If you’re going to Barcelona, you have to see Gaudi. Make sure to go visit buy synthroid 100 mcg; it’s a masterpiece and unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Whether you like his style or not, Gaudi was an absolute genius. One heads up for this: while the other parts of our trip were budget friendly, Barcelona architectural tours were not. So make sure to budget for that before hand!

While in Barcelona, we stayed near La Rambla, which I would recommend to anyone. It’s a very central location to most everything you’ll want to see and has a lot going on (thanks Caitlin)! We stayed at an buy synthroid 137 mcg. I would definitely recommend staying in that area and would definitely recommend an Airbnb, because that’s a lot cheaper than a hotel. It’s pretty easy to get around Barcelona on public transit, though we mostly walked. There’s an airport bus that takes you to and from La Rambla that is super easy and costs ~1 Euro.

Madrid Tips:

There’s a lot to see in Madrid! Including a lot of cool museums. You can get into the buy synthroid 150 mcg for free late in the day, but watch out, there can be a long line!

One thing that we luckily stumbled upon was the best gathering of street performers I’ve ever seen. There’s a plaza near Plaza Mayor in Madrid calledbuy synthroid 50 mcg that gets packed at night. We were there for two hours watching dancers, roller bladers, and other entertainers putting on great shows. I got suckered into being a prop for the roller bladers and got jumped over by them while laying next to six other poor unfortunate souls. It was a little scary, haha.

One final Spain tip:

If you’re ever in Spain, make sure to get tapas! Get the papas fritas with the spicy sauce and the bacon wrapped dates. They are really tasty! (thanks to our friend Randilyn!)

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This post is for all my friends who kept telling me to get a blog, because it would not be here without you! After Bradley and I got married, I thought about making one, but came up with a million excuses not to, so it didn’t happen until now, 6 months later. But better late than never!

This first post will be short, but we hope you all enjoy our blog. I will be running it for the most part. Adding posts on places we have traveled to along with some tips here and there. I will also be sharing fun and silly life moments, moments I love and scriptural thoughts.

Bradley will be adding post here and there too.  He will probably add travel tips and spiritual thoughts. If you know Bradley, you know he is the best travel planner EVER! All credit goes to him for our amazing trips, he really has this down guys. He gets us amazing deals everywhere we go on flights, hotels, Airbnb, you name it! So I would definitely watch out for his posts.

WE hope you enjoy it!!

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