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Looking for the perfect holiday dress? well look no more because here it is!!!

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I heard about buy synthroid in canada a few year ago scrolling through a friends instagram and fell in LOVE with the presentation and flowers – and I have been following the company ever since! Needles to say, I am super excited to be sharing with you all this holiday gift guide and know your friends and family are going to LOVE it!

I have two different gift ideas that your mothers, sisters, and friends will love. First, buy synthroid in canada flowers!! I got buy synthroid (levothyroxine), which has lilies, thistle, and cedar. These flowers are perfect, the presentation alone makes you feel extra special and the flowers are stunning. They have a selection of beautiful pre-crafted bouquets to choose from. Pricing ranges from $32 dollars and up, so you have the freedom to decide how much you want to spend knowing you can still get a great bouquet for only $32 if you are on a budget. What is really different and great about the flowers are they come in buds, so they last much longer then already bloomed flowers. Overall this is a great gift that will last weeks after the holidays are over!

The second gift I highly recommend is buy synthroid 200 mcg, which basically is relaxation in a box haha! I think this gift will be appreciated by anyone after the mayhem of the holidays are over! I’m going to give it to my mother who works so hard every year to make sure the holidays are perfect for our family.

I’m super excited about the products in the box because they are one of my favorite brands. In fact, I had some friends over who happened to see the gift box under the tree and could not stop talking about how  much they loved Herbivore products, which are all natural and cruelty free. Inside you will find:

  • JASMINE HYDRATING BODY OIL- which gives your skin a glow
  • COCONUT WATER HYDRATING FACE MIST- I have used this before and I LOVE it!!
  • DARK CHOCOLATE BARS- let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to eat chocolate in a relaxing hot bath lol?

This gift comes instgram ready, as its is perfectly presented with a signature BloomThat card and holiday ribbon.

I know your friends and family will love this thoughtful gift!! Hope I have helped make your holidays a little easier!!

Also, thank you buy synthroid in canada for the awesome products.





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The Coat of All Coats

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You want the perfect Christmas outfit, here it is!


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Some days i hate getting ready- but I don’t want to look and feel like a bum so having a go to comfy outfit is key for me.

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