Thailand Travels

Hands down one of my favorite countries! Let me tell you why. Thailand is the perfect mix of adventurous and comfortable, with plenty of delicious foods and exotic activities, as well as a good amount of English speakers and nice (yet very cheap) hotels.

We went to a few places in Thailand, starting with Chiang Mai, which is one of my favorite cities ever! There we were able to spend time with elephants and ride a motor scooter around. We also went to Ko Phi Phi, which is just the most amazing island! We stayed at a hotel on a quieter side of the island, which was perfect! We also went to Krabi, which was a ton of fun and pretty also!


Jumping into Blue


JUMPSUIT // SHOES  (sold out but similar here)
When I first saw this jumpsuit I couldn’t get over how spring/summery the color was for fall but I loved it so much I had to have it. Sure enough this blue color is trending this fall and I keep seeing it everywhere. I’m not going to lie, I love fall colors but I’m naturally drawn to brighter, lighter colors so I’m loving this trend right now.


These shoes, and this shirt= PERFECTION! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of compliments i got with this combo, they kept rolling in. The shirt is a statement piece of its own and is extremely flattering. And these shoes, will be make any outfit a 10 walking out the door!


Black on Ruffles


Embracing fall is knowing some days will be 75 and sunny and others will be 42 and freezing!! Here is my favorite sunny and 75 fall outfit! I couldn’t find a black suspender dress, but I LOVE this pale green one. It would look awesome with a black ruffle shirt and some leopard flats!!


The wave is half in Arizona and Half in Utah. Not anyone can go there, you need to have a permit and only 20 people get them for each day. So how do you get a permit?

There are two ways:

  1. Apply through the online lottery (10 permits per day):  start at the Coyote Buttes North lottery page on the BLM website. Applications for this online lottery open at 12pm MST on the 1st of every month. The table below tells you when you should apply depending on when you want to hike. More popular days can have over 1,000 applicants, so you may need to get a little lucky!
  2. Walk in lottery (10 permits per day): You will need to drive to the walk-up lottery at the Visitor Center in Kanab UT on the morning of the day before you want to hike. This walk-in lottery happens 7 days a week from From mid-March to mid-November. You should arrive at 8:30am and be aware that only 10 permits are issued each day. The chances are higher of winning these, but during peak season, there is still a lot of competition! Be aware that you can’t go in with 10 people thinking each of you can apply, because only one person from each group is allowed to submit an application.Well there you have it! Brad and his dad had both been putting in online for about a year and a half and we finally won permits! Make sure to submit and keep submitting and do a little luck dance and hopefully you can win tickets too!!