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Sunday Best

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The dress is top rated at Anthro with over 63 reviews with 5 stars- needles to say it’s pretty awesome. The scarf is also going to be a winter favorite. I wear it everyday and I kinda want to buy another incase i wear this one out haha!

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I am a sucker when it comes to jumpers and this black velvet corduroy jumpsuit had me weak at the knees!!! Where do I even start, first, its comfy (which I’m always looking for cute comfy clothes) Second,the price won’t break rob you dry.  Thrid, it’s adorable and you can pair it with so many undershirt combos to dress it up or down!!! Im totally going to rock this with a white turtleneck and some converse for a casual afternoon shopping look! Let me know if you want more outfit ideas!! Happy Tuesday everyone, and yay for the holiday weekend!!!

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Back to the basics. I’m loving all of these pieces right now! The camel coat is EXTREMELY versatile very trendy right now. These boots are also great for winter because they won’t get damaged on those snowy days.

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4 Tiers of Black and White


This dress, are you kidding me?? The second I saw it I was all over it!! It’s extremely flattering and even though it’s shortsleeve it long enough to pull of this fall season! Also, it’s on sale, no brainer 🙂

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