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Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities because you can do so much with the apples you pick. This year I used some of my small apples as decor. I put them in a decorative bowl and they are still in good condition 4 weeks later. I also love to make homemade apple sauce which is really easy and a great snack or party favor. I used this crockpot buy brand name synthroid and the apple-sauce was PERFECT!

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The Crimson Fall Jumpsuit

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I LOVE jumpsuits. They are flattering and 99% of the time extremely comfy- and let’s be honest, that’s the real reason I love them so much! This red jumpsuit is one of my fall favorites. I can wear it with a tee on warmer days and a turtleneck on those cold, windy fall Chicago days!

If you all couldn’t tell, I also LOVE flowers! For years now I have wanted to make my own centerpieces and last weekend I finally did it! My girl friend Sara and I got the flowers from the cutest local floral shop called buy synthroid (levothyroxine). Everything about the shop said “charm” and the owers are not only brilliant florists, but extremely kind and helpful! I could not be more happy with the flowers I picked out and had the best time putting together these centerpieces!

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The Floral Fall Dress…YES

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A floral dress you can wear in the fall? Sign me up! And these colors are to die for! I use to wear darker colors when it was gloomy out — I’m not sure why, but that always ended up being the case. But recently I have been trying something new and I LOVE it! I have been wearing bright colors on rainy gloomy days! I feel it really helps brighten the day up.


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Austria Part Two – Hallstatt

Visit Hallstatt. You will thank me later! This little town in the Austrian Alps is a dream come true. Brad and I rented a car and drove from Salzburg to Hallstatt and then down to Bled, Slovenia and it was the coolest part of or trip- I highly recommend renting a car and driving around this part of the world. It was unreal being able to stop anywhere we wanted to go explore we were like kids again!


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