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A Look Into Our New Home
HOME UPDATE: Bradley and I have been in Chicago for 3 weeks now, and we absolutely LOVE it here!
We were lucky to have my mom and sister Savannah fly out when we moved in to help us unpack. My mom is an interior designer and is pretty amazing at her job. She and I have slightly different styles, but she helped me create my vision. We went to work and I could not be happier with how everything turned out!
I picked out / found most of what you see, but being slightly hesitant to fully trust my decorating skills, I got approval or disapproval from my lovely mama, Ginger! I really feel like I learned a ton about design from her helping, and it was so fun working together!!!
Now that we are all settled in, we would love to have friends and family come visit!!!
PS: If you would like to know where we got anything, you can comment below — I’m happy to share.

Stores I love: 

where can you buy synthroid,can you buy synthroid in mexico, can you buy synthroid over the counter, Consignment stores (they have GREAT finds if you take the time to look hard), synthroid buy fast, buy synthroid online from canada, buy synthroid from canada, buy synthroid generic, buy non generic synthroid and Homegoods!

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Lake Bled Solvania

We absolutely loved our time in Lake Bled, which is a real gem in Slovenia. We drove through the Austrian Alps and through really long tunnel to cross the border to Slovenia, and couldn’t see much at night because it was so dark. But we woke up early as the sun rose and had the most amazing view of the lake from our room!

When you go there, make sure to ride on a paddle boat to the church on the island and also bring your hiking shoes to climb up to where the best views are!

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Our Top 21 things to do, see and eat in San Diego!

Favorite Acai Bowl: how to order synthroid online – PB bowl with peanut butter on top- get in a half pineapple for the insta photo haha!

Favorite Workouts : where to order synthroid and Pilates synthroid purchase canada, running Torrey Pines. You are not just getting a great workout, you are getting an incredible experience and are a part of an amazing community with people and instructors who you will fall in love with! (Try Jenna, Shannon, and Maya’s classes at Spark and they will change your life)

Favorite Beaches where to purchase synthroid and cheap generic synthroid beach area

Favorite Ice CreamBaked Bear – If you have never been addicted to anything in your life before, you are about to be! This place is AMAZING and growing exponentially fast! For all you peeps in Utah i’m pretty sure they have opened up a few!

Favorite Secret Spot – The hidden trail (Coast Walk Trail) in La Jolla Cove along the cliffs! If you pay attention to your surroundings well enough, you might find these secret swings 🙂 

Favorite Pizza Regents pizza Seriously, the best pizza I have had besides in Italy. They have deep dish and thin crust, but I recommend the margherita style thin crust and don’t forget their RANCH – it’s the best!! 

Favorite Takeout Restaurant- Thai Village in Pacific Beach-  my mouth is watering just looking at it.. yummm

Favorite Bonfire Locationwhere to purchase synthroid  (you have to bring your own pit, but having the freedom to go where ever for a bonfire is the best)


Favorite Park- Balboa Park and Belmont Park because Brad took me here on one of our first dates. 


Favorite Tacos- The Taco Stand in La Jolla and Oscars Tacos in PB.

Favorite Fireworks Viewpoint: at Seaworld and watching  from the Mission Bay Park over the bay

Favorite Sandwich: Rubicon Deli, Board and Brew. Truly Amazing!!!!!! 

Favorite Tourist Attractions: Cabrillo National Monument, Balboa Park, Coronado Island

Favorite Bakery: The Cravory Cookies

Favorite Quiet Spot: The Village / Downtown La Jolla

Favorite Sunset Location: Always Windnsea Beach


Favorite Hiking Spots: Torrey Pines State Park, and Potato Chip Rock 

Favorite Breakfast: The Mission, The Cottage in La Jolla, Sugar and Scribe in La Jolla

Favorite Brunch: Caroline’s-amazing food overlooking the beach, The Cottage in La Jolla, , Sugar and Scribe,  Flower Child

Favorite View of the City: Coronado Island

Favorite Burger: Rocky’s and In-N-Out duh!!!


Well there you have it, our favorite things to do, eat and see in San Diego!!!! Next time you are are in San Diego hit up this list and you will leave happy! 🙂

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Guide to Istanbul + directions to secret rooftop

We loved Istanbul! The weather was perfect – very similar to San Diego weather – and the food was irresistible. We particularly loved learning more about the fascinating history of an area with a unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures, as the city Istanbul is in both Europe and Asia! Overall, the city was a Turkish delight, no pun (originally) intended haha.

Secret rooftop directions

We found a really cool secret rooftop that has amazing 360 degree views of Istanbul! To get to the rooftop, type in the following to Google Maps: “Buyuk Valide Han” (just up the hill from the Grand Bazaar).

Google Maps will lead you to this gate ^^^ and there should be a little card on the small gate door with a phone number. When you get there, call the phone number and someone will come let you in – so cool, right??

We went at 5:30am to catch sunrise, so no one was out and about, and we were dying at how rad it was the whole time!!! When we first got to the gate, it was locked we were pretty bummed. We saw the paper with the number, but didn’t think anything of it for the first minute or two. Then we thought, “wait, lets call the number on this card what if they can help us get to the rooftop!” We called the number and sure enough someone answered. They didn’t speak english, but Brad said “rooftop,” and “pictures” and the line went dead. We were skeptical anyone was coming, especially after waiting to no avail for three minutes, then five. Then I looked through the gate and saw a little old man walking towards us! I freaked out, and Brad didn’t even believe me until he looked through the gate and saw him himself. It was pretty cool!!!

The man was very nice, opened the gate and proceed to guide us to the roof top

He took us up these stairs ^^^

Down this hall ^^^

And to this door which he unlocked!! ^^^

After he open the door, he encouraged us to go up the stairs without him and expressed that we need not pay him until we were through. It cost only $2 per person total! (though we totally tipped him)

We made our way up the old stairway to the roof, pushed open a swinging door and stood in amazement at the sight of the sunrise in front of us. It was incredible! We both ran to the end of the rooftop and bathed in the the beautiful rays from the orange, red sky. For the next hour we explored the different viewpoints the rooftop offers of the city, river and mosques. This may very well have been the best $4 we have ever spent.

I was laughing after i took this photo, it totally looks like Brad’s straight out of a James Bond movie, and he has just killed all the bad guys on the roof lol

We highly recommend going to Ali Usta; they have the most amazing Baklavas and Turkish Delights we have ever tried!!! Ali Usta is near the Blue Mosque (and right next to the Starbucks and McDonalds in the area). The worker at the shop were super friendly and nice too. We may or may not have gone back 4 times in one day haha! Go there and visit our friends and indulge in a 30 cent piece of heaven!

We tried this yummy balloon bread and hummus.. the hummus was delicious!

Brad was randomly interviewed not once but twice by a local Turkish YouTube broadcasters – them blue eyes and blonde hair!

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