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Adventure is our thing, wither its going to South East Asia in hopes to find the best pad Thai out there or simply dancing around our home city Chicago in hopes to find the something new to explore. Right now we are loving our new Hush Puppies shoes from Zappos for all our adventure needs!

The Chaste Ballet shoe is the comfiest and perfect to wear with jeans or a dress and I love how colorful they are because I am all about color!! Brad loves his pick, the Breccan Hayes in light brown, this is the perfect men’s shoe for fall! It’s extremely comfortable and stylish and can go with about anything! Brad wore his the other day to a fancy dinner too and he totally rocked them! 



Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great Fall season so far!!! I am super excited today because I am
going to be talking about a company that has truly changed my life, JamesAllen.com.

My whole life, I knew the exact engagement ring I wanted and it never changed. I wanted a solitaire
diamond with a 6-prong setting on yellow gold, knife edge band. Soooo, when Bradley and I started
talking marriage, I subtly shared this information with him.  Something to know about Bradley is he is a
research guru, he is so dang good at it!  So he went right to work researching the best places to buy a
diamond and setting, he must have spent 40+ hours researching and comparing and nothing could beat
JamesAllen.com, since they had the best prices, quality and service.  There were also awesome services
they had that we didn’t even expect, which made our experience even more perfect and comfortable.

For example you can easily try rings on your hand (any setting you want), all through your phone. Kinda
crazy since we did a ton of research on our phone.   Also, they have a technology which displays all of
their 200,000+ conflict free diamonds in magnified360° HD. This technology is important because you
can see the actual diamond you’re buying and choose the best one rather than just relying on the
certificate. (Bradley just told me this was INCREDIBLY helpful for him, as he inspected many, many
diamonds before he chose mine)

Next, remember how I said I wanted a very specific ring? Well the best part about buying at James Allen
is you can 100% customize and design your own ring and they have a 24 hour non-commissioned staff
online to help you with questions.  I personally did not speak to them but I know Brad had a million
questions for them, because he was so careful about buying my ring, and they were super helpful and
able to answer all his questions with no pressure.

Finally, we felt comfortable because we knew with a lifetime warranty and easy returns (you get your
money back within 30 days), we were gold. I am a little picky, haha, and Brad was nervous that I might
not like it or might want to change something. So having the warranty was really nice for him (even
though I totally loved it!).
I also wanted to share a photo of my ring and some other amazing rings that you can find at
JamesAllen.com.  Scroll down to check them out and head over to JamesAllen.com to check out more
beautiful engagement rings! They also have a huge deal going on now – save 25% off on engagement
ring settings, wedding bands and fine jewelry!



Okay Guys, lets talk hair! I get sooo many questions about how I do my hair, what products I use, if I color my hair, if I have extensions etc. So right now I wanted to take a minute to tell you about how I get my beach waves and how I make them last all day!

This Summer I found a brand that I really love, Beautopia Hair, and I have been using 3 of their most popular hair products to get my California beach wave look!

I”ll  walk you through how I use the products and what they are! The 3 products are:

1. Brocato Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist– After I am done curling my hair with a 1 in curling iron I gently comb through the curls and then spray this amazing texturizer all through out the curls and scrunch my hair ( your hair should still be totally dry after spraying).
2. Brocato Actives Enhancing Shine Serum – Then I squeeze a small amount of this shine serum into my hands and evenly distribute throughout my hair noticing areas that need more shine! ( I really love this product because I have naturally curly and slightly frizzy hair and it helps immensely with my frizz, especially in the summer when it’s humid out)
3. Brocato Maximum Hold Finishing Spray – Last I flip my head upside down and start spraying my hair with this maximum hold hairspray. Then I flip it back upright and spray again!! And there you have it- Perfect beach curls!!!
Let me know if you have any questions or want to see a tutorial!!



Hi friends!!! Im here to tell you all about travel and how you can save $30 on your next trip by booking through this link– Booking.com!

One of my favorite things to do has always been traveling! I’m not sure what it is – if it’s the adventure of exploring somewhere new, the feelings of freedom, the beautiful sights that I always tend to see, or what, but I sure to do love it!

I have quite a few favorite trips that I’ve gone on. One of the trips that got me a lot more comfortable traveling was when I went on a last-minute trip to Dubai! One of my friends was doing an internship there and invited another friend and me to come and said we could stay there for free. I looked up flights and saw that there were some good deals, so I booked a flight! It was pretty crazy, but I had such a blast touring Dubai with my friends, then also driving through the desert all the way to Oman! We even had some locals show us into a secret watering hole that we swam in!

Another of my favorite trips was when my husband and I traveled throughout Southeast Asia for a month before we moved to Chicago! It was a total blast and I loved every minute of it – I really enjoyed playing with elephants in Thailand and riding on a scooter all around town. There was one time where we kept seeing the same guy all around Laos, which was soo weird!

My absolute favorite place on that trip was the island of Palawan in the Philippines, which was SO pretty! I am a big fan of blue water and Palawan has the bluest water (and we went to a lot of great beaches before and after)! I can’t wait for my next trip too!

One thing that we really like is finding good places to stay at great prices. A great way to do that is by using Booking.com!


Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. It has potential to be a pretty meal because it is light, colorful, and has great texture. It is also fairly quick and easy to prepare. For the past few years, I have enjoyed waking up a little bit early to craft a simple breakfast to start my morning off right.

If you don’t already know, I am kind of obsessed with peaches. So it was exciting to hear that Cheerios is coming out with new Limited Edition Peach Cheerios this Spring- I am already kind of obsessed with them too! They are gluten free, which is a game changer. Also, they are made with real peach puree and other natural flavors and taste like an orchard in a bowl- YUMMM!

I rarely ever have my cereal plain. I like to dress it up and make it look a little fancy with some kind of add-in. The recipe I keep going back to with these Peach Cheerios is adding in milk, fresh strawberries and a hint of cinnamon- to die for!!!

Peach Cheerios will be here just in time for the start of Spring and will be available in most grocery stores nationwide in March 2018, so keep an eye out for them. Give my recipe a try or create your own. If you do make your own, send me an email with your ingredients, I love to mix things up too!!